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in Zurich in German

Johann Jakob Hottinger was the son of the pastor of Ossingen, Johann Heinrich Hottinger, thus great-grandson of the theologian  Johann Jakob Hottinger  (1652–1735) and great-great-grandson of the orientalist  Johann Heinrich Hottinger .

Hottinger attended that  Collegium Carolinum  in  Zurich , where he from  Johann Jakob Steinbrüchel  and  Johann Jakob Breitinger  was promoted; even  Johann Jakob Bodmer  was one of his teachers. In 1769 he became  ordained . On a scholarship, he first traveled to 1770  Yverdon  and  Geneva , then to  Göttingen , where he received his doctorate in 1774.

In the spring of 1774 he was appointed professor of eloquence at the Carolinum in Zurich and traveled back to Switzerland via Holland and France. Hottinger soon became known through a polemic against it published in 1775  Johann Caspar Lavater  (Letter to the author of the news ...) and his against  Goethe's  The Sorrows of Young Werther  Directed satirical letters from Selkof to Welmar (1777).

From 1789 Hottinger was professor of the Greek and Latin languages at the Collegium Humanatis. After Steinbrüchel's death, on February 28, 1796, he finally received his professorship for the Greek language and Philologiae sacrae (hermeneutics) at the Carolinum and the associated professorship  Canonical .

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