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in Geneva in French

Since the chapters of the Royal Arch are generally connected to a blue lodge, the master masons of the Respectable Lodge Hiram 80 of the Swiss Grand Lodge Alpina (GLSA) in the east of Geneva decided to found a chapter with the same name. «Hiram».

This situation was not common in Switzerland, as the Royal Arch was administered by the National Grand Chapter HELVETIA of the Royal Arch Masons, independently of the GLSA.

After making contact with the national Grand chapter HELVETIA, these 22 companions from the chapters Henri Dunant N ° 2 and Imhotep N ° 5 met to add the Hiram chapter to the register of the Helvetia major chapter on April 9, 2011 in the Hotel Warwick in Geneva to be entered.

The Hiram chapter was then placed in 6th place, taking into account the five other existing chapters in Switzerland.

The benevolent reception of the Grand chapter was facilitated by the option of the companions to remain in double affiliation with their chapter.

Chapter Hiram 6 is an association within the meaning of Article 60 ff. Of the Swiss Civil Code. Its headquarters are in Geneva. This chapter works four times a year in the Masonic rooms on Rue de la Scie.

His ritual corresponds to the domatic traditions.

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