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Imhotep ( ancient Egyptian  for "who comes in peace", Greek-Latin Imuthes) was around 2700 BC. A high dignitary under king  Djoser  ( 3rd dynasty ).

He is considered to be the first great builder of the  Old empire  in  Egypt  and was as chief builder and  Reading priest  Djosers presumably for the construction of the  Djoser's pyramid  and the  Sechemchet pyramid  in  Saqqara  responsible.

Since only rank and pension titles have been handed down from him, his exact activity is unknown.

in the  New Kingdom  he was worshiped as one of the few non-rulers as a god of help.

Due to the extensive formation of legends, Imhotep became, among other things, the inventor of the  Egyptian script  and founder of  Egyptian medicine  viewed.

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