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in French in Morges

Henry Dunant actually Jean-Henri Dunant   (*  8th of May  1828  in  Geneva ; †  30th of October  1910  in  Pagans ), was a  Swiss  Businessman and a  humanist  more christian  Embossing.

During one  Business trip  he was near the in June 1859  Italian  city  Solferino  Witness the appalling conditions among the wounded after one  battle  between the  Army of Austria  as well as the troops  Sardinia-Piedmont  and  Of France . He wrote a book about his experiences with the title  A memory of Solferino , which he made in 1862  published own expense  and distributed in Europe.

As a result, a year later, in Geneva, the International Committee of Aid Societies for the Care of the Wound was founded, which has been named since 1876  International Committee of the Red Cross  (ICRC) carries. The one decided in 1864  Geneva Convention  is essentially based on suggestions from Dunant's book. Henry Dunant, who then lived in poverty and oblivion for around three decades due to business problems and his subsequent exclusion from Geneva society, is considered to be the founder of the  International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement . In 1901 he received for his lifetime achievement along with the French pacifist  Frédéric Passy  the first  Nobel Peace Prize .

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